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The Low Down

About Lusi

lover of words, God and people. wife of two decades. mum of five kiddos. long term homeschooler. musician. living with aggressive auto immune disease. messianic Christian.  home churching with our family.



Lusi’s love of words began in childhood and over the years, has taken many forms. She graduated from university with a BA in Drama Performance and has written and performed many scripts. Her love affair with words continued throughout the years that she homeschooled her 5 children with Lusi reading a wide variety of texts every day to them. As a singer songwriter, Lusi’s word-love turned into lyrics for her EP which was released in 2020 just before the first Covid Lockdown. Shortly after this, Lusi was diagnosed with aggressive Systemic Lupus. Putting down her guitar has meant she has time to pick up her pen and write once more.

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Lusi lives in a rural town in the Central West of NSW with her husband Brett and their 5 children. 
Lusi's homeland is Australia and her heartland is Fiji where her Dad was born. 

She has had work featured in Kindling and Sage and writes about her homeschooling journey HERE.

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